“Life is poetry, so as I live among the beauty and the dark…

…I express my view of it with poetic words.”

About 'The Expressive'

The Expressive is Kristopher’s first self-published book of poetry. It is the poetic expression of the many emotions he has felt from the experiences in his life, between his teenage years up to his late twenties, broken down into three sections.

The first section is titled, “The Ways of Love.” This section covers how love was discovered, hidden, developed, and shared.

The Second section is titled, “Words Written In The Dark.” This section covers the dark thoughts, depression, and loneliness that resulted from love being lost or never expressed. This section also covers those same emotions as a result of other negative events that have happened in Kristopher’s life.

The final section is titled, “Experience, Reflection, and Change.” This section deals with rebirth, hope, and expressing how the positive and negative events in Kristopher’s life have made him more understanding, appreciative, and accepting of the lessons learned from life, looking forward to what is to come.

It is my goal with The Expressive to not only entertain and intrigue you with my writing, but to hopefully relate to your personal experiences and emotionally connect you with the many thoughts and feelings I express in this book.
– Kristopher J. Evans

About The Author

Kristopher Evans is the author of The Expressive

Kristopher J. Evans was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. Although he went to art school to study graphic design and computer animation, he has been writing since he was in the first grade. Having a mother who writes poetry and short stories as a hobby, and is also a local playwright, the love of writing rubbed off on him at an early age.

The Expressive is Kristopher’s first book of poetry. He is already in the process of developing two new poetry books.

When not writing, Kristopher is running his home based business, Corner 10 Productions, that specializes in graphic design, website development, and photo booth services. You can learn more about Corner 10 Productions at www.corner10creative.com.

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The Expressive, 2nd Edition
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The Expressive, 2nd Edition
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