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Cracked The Shell

'Cracked The Shell'

Kristopher J. Evans

When the weather’s just right and compliments my mood,
helps me aim to be better and not so rude
to family and friends like the end of those relationships wouldn’t destroy me,
oh boy the joys we take for granted, forgetting how seeds were first planted
that handed me nourishing fruits and air to breath, the truth is there to see
yet I stare past it to be that bastard I worked to be, knowing it’s really not me,
but this shell I built cast with fire from Hell helps me dwell
in a world where friends fail at that title, to be rivals who tell
lies, despise their brothers and look at others
who want to rise with hateful eyes, recognized my flaws and tried to discover
what was inside this home I called my own, cracked the shell
to break me and take me to the true me so when I’m gone those who knew me well
could say they knew my light, not just visually,
but felt the warmth of it when they were nearest to me
seriously trying to be more than I was yesterday,
the best of ways is to seek to bless the days of those who have less today
so by tomorrow they have a little less sorrow
by knowing that they can do more than just borrow,
but own some of my time given to remind them that life can be worth living,
and stop holding on to past baggage, and themselves start forgiving…

(Featured Post Image Credit: Photo by Vincent Burkhead on Unsplash)

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